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Model 2200: Cartridge Filling System

Model 2200 Tridak cartridge filling system offers void free, accurate and consistent filling of most single and dual component cartridges and syringes. This filling machine utilizes a bottom-up filling process combined with a special low-clearance nozzle design for efficiency and user-friendly operation. These cartridges and syringes are typically used for epoxies, dental materials, silicones and pastes.

Tridak cartridge fillers overcome the long standing problems of clean-up by utilizing a low cost 5, 10, or 15 gallon polypropylene reservoir insert system. This reservoir insert system can be treated as a permanent container or alternatively, can be easily removed to store the materials safely. The reservoir liner is placed into a stainless steel pressurized tank. It incorporates a disposable fluid path that is easily to replace for rapid material changeover. The unit can also be fed from external tanks or drums using optional pumps. It is an all pneumatic system that is foot switch controlled.

Features of Model 2200 Cartridge Filling System:

  • All pneumatic operation
  • Low cost 5, 10, or 15 gallon quick change polypropylene reservoir insert system that can be treated as permanent containers or alternatively, can be easily removed to store materials in a safe economic manner
  • Disposable fluid path technology capable of millions of cycles
  • Incorporates the Tridak Model 920 swing valve for clean, accurate shut-off and easy clean-up
  • Stainless steel reservoir with pressure regulation to control flow rate
  • The ability to be fed from external tanks or drums using optional pumps

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Available System Packages

All systems include the Model 2200 filling system outfitted with a Model 920 swing valve (T15196) and a selected reservoir. See the table below for available reservoir packages.

Pail Drop-In
Up to 5 Gallon Up to 15 Liter
Straight or Tapered
Pail Pail
T10071 T17870 T17871

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