Accessories for Packaging & Filling Systems

Tridak offers a variety of accessories including cartridges, syringes, and material reservoirs for use with your filling system.

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Cartridge & Pistons

Cartridges & Pistons

2.5 oz - 32 oz material cartridges for use in Tridak material reservoir systems. These cartridges are disposable and are ideal for packaging applications.

Disposable Syringes and Pistons

Disposable Syringes & Pistons

Black, amber, and clear syringe barrels for use with our syringe filling systems. Ideal for packaging adhesives, gels, lubricants, and other materials in.

Material Reservoirs and Pressure Tanks

Material Reservoirs & Pressure Tanks

Store material waiting to be dispensed in these durable and airtight reservoirs.