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Customized Filling Systems

Using Tridak filling technology, Dymax creates automated filling systems for syringe, cartridge, or pen filling applications. These automated systems help manufacturers create more consistent filling processes that increase productivity and improve quality. System features like automated labeling and sensor and load-cell technology, which weighes, fills, and verifies volumes and weights are available. Watch our new video to see our lastest project, a custom gel pen filling workstation that increased one manufacturer's productivity 10X.

Model 1050 Syringe Filler

The Tridak Model 1050 is a semi-automated, bench-top syringe filling system. This system is manually loaded and unloaded, making it ideal for low volume production or as an alternative to filling syringes manually. Each syringe is filled through the tip, allowing this system to be compatible with a number of different syringe types including Luer Lock syringes, Luer Slip syringes, and Oral syringes.

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Model 1200 Dual-Component Syringe Filler

Tridak’s Model 1200 Syringe Filler was designed to simultaneously fill both components of one, dual-component syringe or two, single-component syringes. This semi-automated syringe filler is also particularly useful for lower volume production or where frequent material change out is required.

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Model 2200 Cartridge Filler

The Tridak’s Model 2200 Cartridge Filling System offers void-free, accurate, and consistent filling of most single- and dual-component cartridges and syringes. This filling machine utilizes a bottom-up filling process combined with a special low-clearance nozzle design to eliminate air entrapment and provide a void-free, accurate fill each time.

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Model 2200 Cartridge Filler & Piston Inserter

Tridak’s Model 2200 Cartridge Filler used to down-pack material to cartridges. After filling one side of the cartridge, the operator inserts the cartridge into a Tridak Model 3100 Piston Inserter and precisely inserts even the most difficult pistons into the cartridge with a push of a footswitch.

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Model 2400 High-Pressure Filling System

Tridak’s Model 2400 High-Pressure Filling System accurately fills packages with extremely high-viscosity materials. Due to their high content of “filler”, these materials can be hard to dispense and can clog typical filling machines. The high-pressure filler uses a convection oven to lower the viscosity of the material and then routes materials through the system and into the containers using high pressure.

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Model 3200 Piston Inserter

The Tridak Model 3200 piston inserter allows operators to insert pistons into cartridges and syringe barrels accuractely and quickly.

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